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David Karagianis: CDs

David Karagianis' CDs




Threshold is a collection of new and revisited works with origins, at least in part, as products of collaboration with choreographers, film makers, and writers.  If the music that comprises this CD seems like a wildly eclectic assortment of compositions masquerading as an album you are, at least, partially right.  While perhaps loosely united under a broad banner of “instrumental music” a wide palette of musical genres are generously woven together within the same piece or sometimes stand in sharp contrast in this CD’s sequence of tracks. This CD, in fact, presents three separate musical sets, three doorways, leading listeners through varied territories.  The first four pieces here, or “behind door number one” (because who can resist a cheesy game show reference?) journeys through realms of mood and fantasy weaving together ambient, world, electronic, minimalist, rock and jazz elements.  Six Piano Pieces explores concepts of brevity, silence and sustain offset by two works of contrasting characteristics.  Particularly given the concept behind my previous CD, PULSE (Laptop Dances 2.0) which was all electronic, single meter and tempo per track oriented, I became interested in shifting to a more intimate, and varied set of works referencing classical and jazz influences, employing occasional lyricism, metric disruptions, and sparse sustained moments. Brave New Age, with its telling title, launches the third and final set’s shift in tone.  These pieces travel to stranger, darker or, conversely, more comic worlds where noise, garbled transmissions, machines and even dancing space aliens take center stage.

Music composed, performed, produced and recorded by David Karagianis

Playing Time 73:54

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David Karagianis: Threshold


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Los Angeles, CA 90064

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PULSE - (Laptop Dances 2.0)


PULSE (Laptop Dances 2.0)

Music Composed, Performed, Produced and Recorded by David Karagianis

Total Playing time: 74:00

PULSE (Laptop Dances 2.0) is the second set of a series of works that originated as computer laptop based modern dance class improvisations by composer, sound designer, dance musician David Karagianis.  Laptop Dances Nos. 1-9 may be found as part of David’s 2010 release, Multiplex.

Call it fifteen character driven fantasy pieces each exploring a single pulse's energy, feeling and/or atmosphere. 

Call it post- modern, post-minimal, ethno-techno, electronic dance music.

Call it yours.

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David Karagianis: Pulse (Laptop Dances 2.0)


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Sound Dance
10516 Clarkson Road
Los Angeles, CA 90064

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Multiplex - 2CD

Multiplex, a double CD by David Karagianis, is an eclectic collection of music originally created for concert dance, film, multimedia and concert performances. Named after the title of one of its tracks as well as for the wide range of cinematic, transporting (mostly) instrumental works it contains, Multiplex spans and frequently combines electronic, minimalist, world, rock, jazz and ambient styles. Characterized by propulsive, liquid rhythms and evolving, hypnotic atmospheres, David's theatrically shaped sonic journeys travel through intense, haunting, humorous and surreal realms. Among this collection's twenty six tracks are a large number of works that a variety of choreographers, dance instructors and film makers have found very useful for accompanimental and scoring applications, including David's Laptop Dances-a set of nine groove based electronic pieces developed improvisationally for modern dance and demarcated by meter and beats per minute.

Musical Genres: Electronic/New Instrumental Music

Total Playing Time: 2:15:48

Multiplex is currently available on the following digital download sites:

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David Karagianis: Multiplex


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Sound Dance
10516 Clarkson Road
Los Angeles, CA 90064

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Brave New Age - CD

Brave New Age (2004) contains 14 tracks of, mostly, instrumental works composed, performed, produced and recorded by composer and sample-meister David Karagianis.  Drawn from scores David has created for concert dance, theater and experimental video projects these compositions range in character from propulsive to atmospheric, and from lyrical to deranged.  Brave New Age includes David's performance of his score Chains (vibraphone and piano) a frequently performed world-wide minimalist composition as well as his popular playful electronic scores Brave New Age and My Process. 

Musical Genres: Electronic/New Instrumental Music/Ethno Techno/Minimalist

Playing Time: 79:18

Note: Brave New Age is currently out of print however David's newest CD Threshold contains revised versions of three tracks on this CD, Brave New Age, Soul Train and My Process, and Multiplex contains an alternate version of Corridors. 


Without Words - CD

Without Words (2000) is a collection of 13 instrumental/electronic works composed, performed and produced by award-winning composer/sound designer David Karagianis.  Drawn from concert dance collaborations with a diverse assortment of contemporary choreographers these imaginative works cut an eclectic path through electronic, classical, experimental, pop, rock and world music genres.

"David Karagianis is the most representative case of an artist/creator who takes the most interesting elements if narrative music and combines them into his own personal and charismatic creations."
-Thomas Tamvakos,
JAZZ and TZAZ Magazine

"I believe David to be one of the top musicians in the field of music for dance".
-Robert Kaplan,
Professor of Dance/Music Director,
Arizona State University, 
Author of "An Interactive Guide to Music for Dancers"

Musical Genre: Electronic/New Instrumental Music/Ethno Techno/Minimalist

Playing Time: 64:42

Price: $10 available only direct from Sound Dance

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Timeless - CD

Timeless (1997) the first CD of music released by composer, sound designer David Karagianis.  Timeless is a sensual, playful and surreal musical journey through uncharted regions if space, time, motion and spirit.  This boundary-crossing collections of 7 works encompasses a wide range of musical influences from a variety of cultures.  Exotic instruments combine with electronic timbres and elements of orchestral, ambient, minimalism, rock, jazz and world music in these engaging atmospheric compositions."

"In the magnificent (from every aspect) releases with his music "Timeless" and "Without Words" one can find some of his masterpieces like "Threshold" and "Generations".  their audible enjoyment offers the highest possible level of satisfaction."
-Thomas Tamvakos,
Jazz and Tzaz Magazine 

Musical Genres: Electronic/New Instrumental Music/Classical/Ambient/World

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Playing Time: 71:17

Price: $10 available only directly from Sound Dance

Sound Dance

10516 Clarkson Road

Los Angeles, CA 90064